Translator Help

Portal to help the ERPNext / Frappe community contribute translations.


1. How to use

  1. Login (or sign up and login).
  2. Select a language to start editing.
  3. Click on the message to edit.
  4. For help, comments, please use GitHub Issues.
  5. You get a karma point every time someone upvotes your edit.

2. When are translations updated?

Translations from this portal are usually updated once every 2-3 weeks.

If would like to do it earlier, just add a new Issue. Or better, download the latest translations, add them yourself and send a pull-request!

3. Please accept my bulk translations in CSV

Sorry but we cannot be unfair to those who have edited and verified the translations on the portal. Please update translations on the portal only!

4. How can I add my language?

Don't see your language? Just add a new Issue and we will to add it as soon as possible.

5. Some text is still untranslated in the app

If you find instances that are still untranslated, add a GitHub Issue

6. How can I download and test

Download Page